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5 Bad Gifts (We Sell 'em)

Megan Mostyn-Brown
5 Bad Gifts (We Sell 'em)
We have a wide selection of goods that make fantastic presents (ahem, the Sound Splash Bluetooth Speakerphone and Shower Radio). That said, not every item on our shelves is going to delight an unsuspecting recipient. In fact, giving some of these may be downright dangerous—if the worry is insulting the recipient. Here are five items you should steer clear of this holiday season. (And before you ask: Yes. Yes, we have heard that people have actually given these items as gifts.)
  • 1. A Scale: Your cousin is obsessed with losing those last (insert number here) pounds. She talks about it incessantly. And while you want to be encouraging of her weight loss journey, it’s best not gift her a scale. Even if the scale is so high-tech it does her laundry, any weight loss accouterment is sure to come off as the equivalent of calling her fat.


  • 2. A Nose- and Ear-Hair Trimmer: Maybe your brother’s going for the urban lumberjack look. Maybe he’s just oblivious. Would he look better with a trim? Probably. Do you need to give him the subtle hint via his Christmas gift? No way.


  • 3. Odor-Removal Products: Your sister has a new baby. You aunt just got a dog. You dad quit smoking. Do their homes need a little help in the odor department? Probably. But you don’t need to be the person to point that out. If the smell in their home makes your eyes water, give them a sweet-smelling candle, or opt to host them in your own abode.


  • 4. Furniture Cover: You may sincerely believe that the upholstery on your grandmother’s couch is in questionable taste. And you may also think that giving her a slipcover in a lovely neutral is just what she needs to pull her living room together. Truth is, she loves her couch and your present is just going to come off as presumptuous, and worse, insulting.


  • 5. A Bra: Even if you know your sister’s style to a tee. Even if somehow you’ve managed to snag her measurements. Do not, we repeat, do not gift her a bra. No one really wants a bra for Christmas. And even if you insist it’s the best bra ever invented, she’ll only assume you think the bra she’s wearing isn’t doing its job.

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