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Artificial Tree? Yes!

Julie Bawden-Davis
Artificial Tree? Yes!
A hallmark of the holiday season, Christmas trees offer an ideal decorating focal point. And we know that in years past, the “fake” tree has gotten a bad rap. But we think it’s time to put that bias away: Today’s artificial trees are more lifelike and easy to store and care for than ever. These are some of the best reasons to consider decorating with an artificial tree:
  • No Expiration Date: Past a certain point, live trees dry out and become a fire hazard, which can occur before the holiday festivities finish. (In fact, according to the U.S. Fire Administration, 240 fires occur annually because of live Christmas trees, causing $16.7 million in damage.) A live tree will wilt and drop needles after a few weeks. Use an artificial tree, and you can put it up early in the season and take it down whenever you choose.


  • Ease of Decorating: With the variety of artificial trees on the market, it’s pretty easy to find one in the right shape, size, and even color for your home. Plus, faux trees don’t have “bad spots” to cover: Their branching is even and uniform, and their needles are thick and lush. Artificial tree branches are constructed to be strong and bendable, which allows you to shape the tree as you like, and means that you can hang heavy objects, like large ornaments and mini-wreaths, from the limbs.


  • Even better, the built-in lighting that most artificial trees now have also makes the hassle of stringing lights unnecessary. Clean and Tidy: Real Christmas trees can bring in dust and insects, drop needles, and ooze sap. They also must sit in water—that you have to monitor and refill—which means potential spills and leakage on your floor.


  • That convenience advantage continues after the holidays, too, because you won’t create a trail of needles when you take it down.


  • Odor-Free: While the scent of a fresh Christmas tree may appeal to you, there are those who would prefer another aroma. Rather than have the odor of pine wafting through your home 24/7, a faux tree allows you to control how your home smells. If you do want the fresh scent of pine, there are sprays and candles that allow you to bring this aroma indoors, but if you’d prefer another holiday scent like pumpkin spice or apple pie—there are sprays, candles and diffusers for those scents as well.


  • Now that you know the many benefits of personalizing your home’s décor with an artificial Christmas tree, you can decorate a tree that would catch the eye of Santa himself.

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