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Serveware Hostess Gifts

Megan Mostyn-Brown
Serveware Hostess Gifts
Heading to a holiday party? These pretty pieces of serveware do double-duty: They act as a carrier for the dish you're bringing, and they can be left behind as a gift for the hostess. Bonus: None of them will break the bank.

Crystal Platter

This piece is a sleek and sophisticated addition to anyone’s collection. Use it to display cut veggies and then gift it to your host at the end of the evening.


Mason Jar

Who doesn’t need a few mason jars? Pack them with servings of holiday pie, and then leave them behind for the host to repurpose.


Cutting Board

If you’re on appetizer duty, your meat and cheese plate will look fresh (and oh-so-rustic) when displayed on a simple wooden cutting board. And a bestie who can’t get enough kitchen toys will appreciate it as a gift.


Dip Bowl

A dip bowl is something is something a hostess can use again and again. So when your little sis throws the holiday bash, bring your famous artichoke dip and let her keep the bowl as a token of your affection.


Salad Set

A guest who brings the salad makes life easier for the host. Bestowing the salad and the chic wooden bowl it comes in will make for a very happy holiday.


Cake Stand

This is for the kitch-loving homeowner with a penchant for baking. Bring over a delectable wreath cake to celebrate the season in a pretty stand she can keep as a souvenir.


Casserole Dish

Everyone can make use of a classic ceramic casserole dish. Give this one and include a batch of your mouth-watering sweet potato casserole.



If your holiday host is celebrating all through the year, you can add to his serveware collection by bringing a signature drink—and this crystal pitcher to serve it in.


Charger Plate

You can’t go wrong giving this classic. Especially when it’s present covered in a pyramid of mouth-watering holiday cookies (just put them on a paper plate on the charger). Yum!

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