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Un-Decking the Halls

Megan Mostyn-Brown
Un-Decking the Halls
You might think that getting prepped for the holiday season is the hard part. But once New Year’s is behind you, a new battle begins–figuring out how to pack up and store your Christmas/ Hanukkah/Kwanza accoutrements. If your collection seems to have doubled yet again this year (curse those post-holiday sales!) and you know there’s no way you’re going to get all of those baubles back in their original boxes, then check out these no-fail ways to keep your holiday décor in check.
  • Get the Basics


  • Ditch the original boxes your décor came in and get reusable storage. Fabric bins and plastic storage containers can be used to organize everything from ornaments to trim. And unlike cardboard boxes, they won’t fail under pressure (or after multiple uses). Before you tuck the bins away in a closet or pile them in the attic, attach a label. It’ll make searching for the holiday lights or trying to find the menorah that much easier.


  • Wrap it Up


  • Your “Waterloo” every January 2nd is figuring out an easy way to store rolls of wrapping paper. Regular storage containers often don’t have the length you need. It’s time to think outside the box.


  • Trash Can


  • This is a simple solution for folks interested in waterproof storage. Look for a good – sized can (at least 2 feet tall) with a lid. No need to get stainless steel (unless you’re looking for aesthetic); a simple, sturdy, plastic can will do.


  • Entryway Organizer


  • The spot where you’d normally stick umbrellas is just the right size for rolls of wrapping paper. Place a few plastic bins on the included shelves to organize tape, nametags and holiday ribbon.


  • Make it Look Good


  • You home’s lack of square footage means you need to pick holiday storage that doubles as décor. Wooden Storage Unit with Fabric Drawers
  • Use this unit to tuck away ornaments and other holiday tchotchkes. The fabric drawers are easy to access and way better looking than plastic storage bins. That said, you may need to employ smaller containers with lids to keep each drawer in tip-top shape.


  • Storage Bench


  • This isn’t the best pick for those with loads of décor. But for singletons in a small apartment looking for a creative way to hide a few holiday items, it’s a primo choice. You can opt for a bench (or trunk) that just has center storage or split the difference with one that also has side cubbies with baskets or drawers.


  • Hide it Away


  • No room in the basement or attic? These solutions help you organize holiday décor in other out-of-the-way areas.


  • Under-bed Shoe Organizer


  • Utilize the storage space under your bed by tucking ornaments into a shoe organizer. This baby is a brilliant solution for two reasons: it’s already divided up into sections so you don’t have to employ an extra organizer and it zips closed to keep your décor from collecting dust.


  • Closet System


  • Nobody wants to admit that they have so much holiday décor it takes up an entire closet. But it does. And stacking storage containers just isn’t cutting it. You need to bust out the big guns and invest in a closet system. The bonus? Installing a system is going to get your décor so organized, you may discover you have a little extra space to store other items (winter coats, perhaps?).


  • Deal with Outdoor Décor


  • Don’t forget about bigger items like wreaths, outdoor light strings and even lawn décor.


  • Oversized Bins


  • Much like wrapping paper, these items are usually too big to fit in regular sized storage containers. Pick oversized bins with lids, label and then stack them in a wall storage system.


  • Wreath Keeper


  • Special containers designed just for holding a wreath will protect your door décor from getting dirty or crushed. You can stow it away by itself or put it inside a larger bin with other holiday items.


  • Light Reels


  • Stowing the light strings without tangling or breaking bulbs can make even the most organized decorator crazy. Look for storage reels specially designed for gently rolling up and stowing the strings of lights.

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