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Gift Card Greatness

Jen Dennis
Gift Card Greatness
Gift cards are the ultimate in flexible presents (after all, they can become almost anything your recipients want them to be). But that wide-open potential can sometimes make a gift feel impersonal. There’s a fix for that, though—simply wrap it in a gift that spotlights the recipient’s interests. Need some inspiration? Here are some great ideas for gift card presentations that highlight the personality of the person you’re giving it to.
  • At-home chefs:  People who love to cook love gifts that help them cook better or more often. Wrap your gift card in a cool take-out container, or serve it tucked inside a gorgeous cookbook, so they’ll know you’re encouraging them to make something great.


  • Bakers:  If you’re hoping your gift card will encourage the baker in your life to whip up even more wonderful desserts, give a gift card in a baking-centric package like a measuring cup, mixing bowl or muffin tin. If you’re lucky, they’ll be grateful enough to share what they bake up with your gift.


  • Gardeners:  Friends who are passionate about growing great things can use the card to buy gear, or outdoor décor to highlight the landscapes they create. A package with a great outdoors theme—a gift card tied to a trowel or tucked inside a terra cotta pot—gives garden-buffs a way to dig into their favorite hobby.


  • Grillmasters:  If your friend spends the summer working on the perfect char-marks and trying to create the absolutely right BBQ sauce, you can help them gear up with a gift card in a package that serves a perfect grilling purpose—like a BBQ mitt.


  • Spa Lovers: You know your friend can’t make it to the spa every time she needs a moment of pampering. So a gift card can help her create her own spa at home every day—tucked into spa socks or in a votive candle holder—can help her say “ahh” anytime.


  • World Travelers: A person who racks up frequent-flier miles by the thousands will always appreciate a gift that lets them showcase their travels. So slip a gift card into a photo frame—it can get them started on showing the great shots they've taken on their trips.


  • And if you’re ready to take personalizing a gift card to the next level, you can also opt to DIY-it. This guide  to creating your own gift card holder from the Stamping 411 blog shows some great techniques for crafting the perfect card container.

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